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Patient Resources at MedStar Washington Cancer Institute

Clinical Social Work Services


Licensed clinical social workers are available to help navigate the many unexpected needs that arise due to cancer and its treatment. Our social workers are available free of charge to assist our patients and their families with a range of services that can reduce stress during any phase of their care.

Click on the link for a listing of monthly programs offered. For information about the clinical social work services or programs, please call 202.877.8758 or 202.877.6681.

Oncology Nutrition 

Licensed oncology nutritionist is available to assist patient with eating well before, during and after cancer treatment can help you fell better and stay stronger. The stronger your body is, the better you may respond to the cancer treatments.

Click on the link for a listing of monthly programs offered. For information about the oncology nutrition services and programs, please call 202.877.8577

Other Services


A light touch therapy that helps reduces the stress of medical illness and treatment. Reiki creates a deep state of relaxation. Reiki is offered as part of the pain management program at MedStar Washington Hospital Center. Research shows that when patients are relaxed, the body’s natural healing abilities are awakened

Sit and Knit Shawl Program

The Sit and Knit program is intended to embrace, inspire, and celebrate life with all new patients who are treated with cancer at the Washington Cancer Institute by providing all newly diagnosed patients with a free shawl.

Images Program

Additionally, these programs attend to the personal and emotional needs of cancer patients by recognizing the importance of self-image during cancer treatment and are offered throughout the year.

Genetic Counseling

Genetic Counseling is provided to patients and their family if there is a personal and/or family history (maternal or paternal lineage) with features of hereditary cancer. Genetic counseling or testing is a way to learn more about the risk of cancer and if you carry the cancer gene.

Patient Resource Center

The patient resource center was created to provide education material to support our patients and their family. The resource center has free education literature on coping with cancer, cancer treatment and side effects and information about various cancer sites. We also have a functional library and computers for use. The patient resource center is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Smoking Treatment and Recovery Program (STAR)

This program provides current and former cancer patients the comprehensive support needed to quit and stay smoke free. Learn if STAR is right for you.