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​How Immunotherapy Saved a Stage 4 Cancer Patient’s Life


What Are Sarcomas?

Sarcomas: What You Need to Know About This Rare Form of Cancer

Sarcomas are rare, only accounting for 1 percent of cancers diagnosed in adults. That means that many people don't learn about these cancerous tumors of the connective tissue unless they or a loved one have received a sarcoma diagnosis.

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What Is Transoral Robotic Surgery?

Head and Neck Cancer: What to Expect from Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS)

Head and neck cancer can be difficult to manage, but thanks to recent developments in medical technology, surgeons now have more effective ways to treat it.

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Improve Quality of Life for Bone Tumor Patients

Techniques Used to Improve Quality of Life for Bone Tumor Patients

Not only is bone cancer a worrisome diagnosis for patients and their families, the prospect of treating any cancer can be frightening, as you may not know what challenges you can expect or how to overcome them.

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HPV and Oropharyngeal Cancers

What Is the Link Between HPV and Oropharyngeal (Tonsil and Tongue Base) Cancers?

By The MedStar Georgetown Cancer Network Multidisciplinary Head and Neck Cancer Team

While the causes were historically considered to be smoking-related, throat and mouth cancers are increasingly being attributed to the Human Papilloma Virus. Here is what you need to know about the link between HPV and oropharygneal cancer.

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What is cancer rehabilitation?

What Is Cancer Rehabilitation and How Does It Help?

For cancer patients, and their loved ones, there is a lot focus placed on the present moment. What courses of treatment make the most sense for them? How will their diagnosis change their life?

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Are Non-melanoma Skin Cancers Treatable – If So, How?

If you're facing the challenges of choosing treatment options for more complicated cases of a non-melanoma skin cancer diagnosis, it can seem like there is an endless amount of information available.

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Why a Melanoma Diagnosis Doesn’t Mean What It Meant 5 Years Ago

Since 2011, melanoma went from being one of the most lethal cancers to one of the most curable cancers in the United States.

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How Immunotherapy Gave Leta Brown Her Life Back

By MedStar Georgetown Cancer Network

Leta Brown had a wonderful life, along with her husband, two daughters and her stepson. But when she was diagnosed with widely metastatic melanoma, she felt the rug had been pulled out from under her and her family.

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The 2 Main Types of Non-melanoma Skin Cancer

By MedStar Georgetown Cancer Network Multidisciplinary Melanoma Team

Non-melanoma skin cancers account for over 90 percent of all skin cancers in the United States, and while they are usually more easily managed, they can pose a serious problem if left unchecked.

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Warning Signs: Do You Know the ABCs of Melanoma Skin Cancer?

By MedStar Georgetown Cancer Network Multidisciplinary Melanoma Team

Being aware of your skin and knowing the warning signs of melanoma can go a long way toward increasing the likelihood of positive outcomes from treatment.

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